We offer the following Software:

Some of the most glaring challenges:-

  • Finance Monitoring – Manual Record of consultation fees and other operational costs make it difficult to do book reconciliation.
  • Communication with Patients – Letter and Phone communication limits the communication only to critical information.
  • Difficulty in Managing Volumes of Documents

Our Solution:

  • MediAssist: Medical Practice Management Software


  • Finance Monitoring – Fees and Operational costs are easily reconcilable.
  • Easy and Cheap Communication – Automated Emails and SMSs sent to users based on specific conditions or triggers.
  • Online Web Application is accessible on many different platforms (PCs, Laptops, PDAs and Smart Phones) on the Internet.
  • System Access on the go. The User does not need to be in office to access the system.
  • Easy and Cheap maintenance.
  • Integrated Functions that make it easy to manage the most tedious functions of the practice (like Administration, Filing, Reporting etc.).


Functions Supported:

  • Consultation and Referral Management: Patient Information, Medical History, Family History, Consultation Information
  • Prescription Management: Manage the Prescription process (Diagnose, Prescribe, Issues, Monitor, Review, Report, etc.).
  • Demand Management: Supplier, Stock, Order Management. Ensure that stock levels are always sufficient for the demand.
  • Treatment Management: Treatment Issues, Couse Scheduling and Monitoring and Reminders, Default Notifications, etc.
  • Document Management: Effective and Efficient Document Management that is inline with organizational Processes and Structure. Easy Searching .
  • Finance Management: Manages the Operations-Related Finances to allow for effective and efficient Accounting and Reporting.
  • Admissions Management: Management of Patient Admissions. Bed Allocation, Treatment Monitoring, Doctor’s Appointment Management, etc.
  • Medical Conditions Database: Keeps records of known Medical Conditions for reference when dealing with rare conditions. This repository grows as the practice encounters new conditions. This can help even less-experienced doctors with years of reference material.
  • Report Management: A Central Reporting Module that provides for convenient reporting.
  • Staff Management: Manages Staff Information like Specialist Groups, Locum, Qualifications, Experience, Specialisation, Shifts and Roasters, Terms Of Duty, Payment etc.